Since established in 1993, We, PAN ASIA TECH-ENGINEERING CO., LTD. have been
a reliable supplier of best quality plant piping materials, especially in the field of special valves.

From the middle of the 1990's, we stepped into the manufacturing of special
piping components together with the supply of the best materials.

We belive that our continuing technical review and research based on our own
experience would develop the technology of manufacturing specialized items into
full satisfaction of your high level demands.

Our field of manufacturing with best concerns are;
 - Liquid Sampling Systems & Closed Sampling Systems
 - Sample Coolers & Vessels
 - Ram Valves
 - Sampling Valves
 - Spray Injection & Feed Injector
 - All Kinds of Specially Designed Valves.
 - Specially Engineered Piping Items

It would be our great pleasure if we can be your best reliable partner for
our common concerns.


Following are our Major Equipments for manufacturing;
 · Air Leak Tester
 · Hydro Testing Machines
 · Cutting Machines
 · Automatic Welding Machines
 · Milling Machine
 · Lathe Machines
 · various Testers & Instruments
 · CAD/CAM Personal Computers


PAN ASIA TECH-ENGINEERING CO., LTD. accepts its responsibility to help protect human
health, safety and the environment. This responsibility has been a core value of our business for
a numberof years and has been made possible through the leadership, didication and teamwork
of all emplyees.

Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) is an integral part of each of our jobs and an
important business responsibility of all employees. Our HSE performance ia a vital
conceern of our customers, shareholders, emplyees and the communities in which
we operate. In order to meet our responsibilities, we must:

 - Continuously monitor emplyee health and safety;
 - Communicate and work with communities, localemergency response teams,
  medical facilitiesand the departments;
 - Ensure the safety and protection of the environment during transportation, storage
  and waste disposal;
 - Maintain a cooperative working relationship with the government; and
 - Responsibility serve our customers who want to operate and market environmentally
  safe products and protect their emplyees.

The foundation for establishing and maintaining strong performance begins with strong
HSE Policy and Core Values. They serve as the driving forces for our programs and
and management systems that are implemented at our site.


PAN ASIA TECH-ENGINEERING CO., LTD. accepts our responsibility to protect the environment
and the health and safety of our employees, their families and the public. Health, Safety and
Environmental (HSE) performance areare core values of our corporation and will be
managed as an integral part of our employees, customers, neighbors and shareholders.
All por emplyees are responsible for assuring that we achieve continuous and
measurable improvement.

 - Conduct business in a manner that protects public and occupational health, the
  environment and employee safety.

 - Strive for zero HSE incidents in all our activities.

 - Make health, safety and environmental considerations a priority in manufacturing
  existing products and planning for new products, facilities and processes.
 - Comply with all environmental, health and safety laws and regulations and go beyond
  compliance where applicable to protect emplyees and the public.
 - Reduce emmission and waste.
 - Involve employees in assuring responsibility for understanding and complying with the
  content and spirit of our HSE policy.
 - Work with our suppliers, customewrs, contractors and partners to promote responsible
  management of products and processes.
 - Encourage constructive communication with our suppliers, customers, neighbors and
  shareholders on managing health, safety and environmental issues.

This policy will be enabled through corporate standards/management systems and
appropriate business or site policies and management plant that establish objective and
targets. Implementation will be achieved thriugh management and organizational
comitment, allocation of sufficient human and capital resources and rigorous measurement
and corrective systems.


 - Our goal is continuous improvement
 - Risk management (hazard controls, behaviors) and polution prevention are the focus
 - All occupational injuries/illnesses and environmental incidents can be prevented
 - Line management is responsible and accountable for HSE
 - Employees are involved in the HSE programs and activities at all levels of the organization
 - HSE management and efficient production are equal

We, PAN ASIA TECH-ENGINEERING CO., LTD., are a highly experienced and reputable

Republic of Korea (South Korea) based company who design and manufacture the complete line
of sampling systems for both gas and liquid service. We have been very successful as a total
sampling systems provider to major domestic and overseas customers. Our success is due
to the experience, knowledgeable in designing and manufacturing of sampling systems and
accessories. This has been enabled us to earn a high degree of respects and a reputations
for reliability from our customers.

Our quality assurance system and after sales service support throughout the world is
a combination that has furthered the customers satisfaction. PAN ASIA TECH-ENGINEERING
CO., LTD. has gone through great effort which has paid off with significant contracts and the
support and confidence we have received from our domestic and overseas customers.